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Tips on how to stay organized (Part 2)

In this article, we are going to continue our list of advice for those, who want to stay organized and concentrated in their lives. Check out the continuation of our list.

4.Try to have less stuff

It’s not a surprise, that the more things you have – the harder staying organized is. It’s obvious: your stuff requires more energy and attention for following it. The solution for this problem is quite simple: get rid of things you don’t need – and you’ll have less time to waste on making yourself organized.

5.Simplify when it’s possible

Some of the things in our life are too complicated to be controlled by us. In such case, your only way is to simplify them and make them much easier to be controlled. The most important thing here is to detect, what can be simplified and how to do it with minimum efforts from your side.

6.Only one thing at a time is available

You should have probably heard of multitasking. Some authors claim that humans can develop such a useful skill, as an opportunity to work on various tasks at the same time. We can assure you, that it’s a bullshit.

Psychologists confirm our position, that any person can pay attention only to one thing at the same time. So that don’t waste your time, trying to prepare several projects in a parallel mode. Just complete ‘this’ after ‘that’ after ‘that’ – and you’ll see the real results of this strategy.

Tips on how to stay organized (Part 1)

One of the most common problem for many people is self-organization. Humans are not often organized enough, in order to keep their things going in a proper way. This may cause several problems in our everyday life.

We’d like to introduce an article with special organizational tips for those, who have problems with this in their everyday life. So, let’s start from the very beginning!

1.Put all things in their places

Your everyday life may become a real mess, if you don’t follow this rule. It’s simple enough, to be followed even by kid – but many adults miss it as well. Put everything in its place. Whether it’s spoon or a T-shirt – it must be placed in order, not just anywhere you want. It will make your house cleaner and easier to live in.

2.To-Do lists may help you

Our memory is not perfect, though we need so many things to remember on a regular basis! The solution, however, is simple – use ‘To-Do’ lists! It can be either a paper sheet for all of the tasks you need; or a smartphone application with your schedule – it depends on you, what is the most convenient way for you to organize it. But such an approach will allow you to get rid of forgotten meetings and tasks!

3.Write your thoughts

Sometimes our new ideas appear too fast, in order to be remembered by us. We just forget it and it goes away forever. The only solution for this is writing it down. In this case, you need some notebook and a pencil – and you automatically get rich source of your ideas in your hands.