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Don’t ignore the criticism

Everyone loves being praised. We know, that when our teacher/parents/friends/customers tell something good about us, we feel good. We feel the whole bunch of positive emotions, which are something like drugs. They cause addiction – that’s why many famous people think of their success a little bit different things than we, the ordinary people, do.

Consequently, people, who hear the criticism, have opposite feelings – they may feel anger, they start arguing and conflicting with a person, who criticised them. That’s the natural reaction, which is a bad habit of yours. Actually, the criticism is much more useful, than the good words. Here is why.

Anyone, who hears 10/20/50/100/more good reviews about his company or his services becomes proud of his work. He also becomes more relaxed, which definitely causes the lowering of the level of quality of the whole results as well.

Criticism, on the other hand, can show you your weak places. It can highlight the spots in your business, which you have to work with. It is a plan for improving the quality of your product, your services and so on. That’s why those, who criticise you, are actually your friends. And those, who flatter – are not.

Many people don’t like being criticised. They feel ourselves much worse, if someone says, that their product’s quality is not good enough. Here is why we ask you not to ignore this opinion.

A person, who points you some disadvantages, is not trying to offend you. In most cases, such people show you the real problems. Fixing them can bring you great results for your company and your business in general.

You believe in what you believe

Believing is the basis for you success in any field. Launching some new project, starting a business, passing exams… Any kind of aim you put for yourself can be achieved, if you really believe in its realization. But how can you believe it? How can you be sure, that you won’t fail? The answer is simple – you believe what you believe.

The example of any successful entrepreneur, any person, who achieved some outstanding results, can be the alive proof of these words. What you are really sure in comes to life. So that being sure in your success or your failure automatically makes your thoughts a reality.

Everything around us is the result of someone’s beliefs. People believed, that they can communicate through the distance, they can fly, they can move with the amazing speed. Those, who worked under these achievements and believed in their success, changed our life.

If you believe, that your business will become successful, it will. It’s not a magic, or some kind of a fairy-tale, which is spread just to make you happy. It’s the reality, because, believing in something, you make it come true. Whether it’s negative or positive thoughts, whether you believe in something good or bad – it will come true.

Using this technique is simple, but powerful at the same time. You can think of realization of your dreams; you can develop the strategy for reaching your aim, just using the beliefs.

So, believe in something positive – and it will definitely come true!

Paying attention to facts, not stories, is important

The humans are emotional creatures. We are led by the emotions we feel, making some mistakes, without a proper thinking – why have we done this?. That’s the reason of many losses in our life.

Another reason for our failures is listening to the stories, to the emotions they bring, but not to the real facts. Let’s bring an example.

Imagine, that you are having an ordinary job, dreaming to have your business once in the future. Sometimes you even talk to your friends about this, who can tell that it’s risky, it’s dangerous for your family budget, it’s senseless, if you have a well-paid job. That’s what leaves you in your comfort zone and what, probably, doesn’t allow you to leave your job and start something new. It happens when you pay attention to the emotions you feel.

However, there is another side of this situation. You can not listen to the emotions of other people. You should try to listen to the facts. And they may vary.

Analyzing facts, you can understand, that sometimes refusing to take risks is much more dangerous. Sometimes living in your comfort zone is much more dangerous as well. And refusing starting bringing your dreams into life is also not the way you should go.

Emotions are good for your personal life. Express them, when you say that you love your friends, your girlfriend (or boyfriend), you children and parents. But don’t listen to the emotions when you make a decision. Only the facts must be important for you. So that if you have any chances to win – you should try, no matter how scared you are.