Who you should compare yourself with? (Part II)

The only person, you should compare yourself with is… you. Yes, it’s only you that person, which you should be interested in. And only you is the one, whom you should compare yourself with. Let’s clear out this statement.

You’ve probably already heard this phrase, which sounds pretty glamorous. It says, that you should make a comparison only with you from the yesterday, in order to define, whether you’ve got any progress or no. Only with the help of such a method you can really know, how well you develop in your business, career, personal life and so on.

In order to stay happy and emotionally balanced, you should refuse from watching for others. You should stop watching your Facebook feed with all those smiling faces of your friends, who are doing some fun stuff. Even if you don’t stop, – please, stop compareing yourself with them. Stop saying “Oh, how beautiful they are, how perfect is their life, how happy they are”. Ask yourself all of these questions better. Ask yourself, how happier you became in comparison with yesterday. Ask yourself, whether you started earning more or no, if compareing with your previous months earning. All of these questions have positive impact,  because asking and answering them leads you to some real, certain results – and not just to self-destruction because of envy.

Define, what is your advantage today in comparison with yesterday, and improve this advantage greatly. And you’ll see, how happy your life is!

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