Who you should compare yourself with? (Part I)

It’s normal for humans to compare themselves with someone else. Copying and comparison are the basic mechanisms, which we learn something new through. As a child each of us starts copying the adults’ behaviour. Than, in twenty years, the same strategy is applied. It’s normal tactics for us and, frankly speaking, such an approach is useful. It helps us to find the most proper way of solving problems and behaving ourselves in some unknown, infamiliar situations. However, sometimes this strategy of copying someone else’s brings us to the bunch of problems. Here is how it happens.

Each of us evaluates everything we have all the time. We are searching for our place in some global so-called ‘rating’ among other people. That’s why, when we gain something, we put ourselves higher, and vice versa. In such way we know, that there is someone upon us and there is someone below us. Our relationship to each of these people will differ significantly.

However, during our life this position in comparison with others changes all the time, depending on our looses and victories. As a result, our self-esteem changes, according to the different events, that influence our ‘global position’.

For example, if you were promoted to some new vacation, you evaluate yourself a little bit higher; however,if you were fired – your self-esteem falls down. It’s a wrong tactics.

You should always remember, that this ‘global rating’ is in your head only. And there is only one person, who you should compare yourself with. And it’s not your direct competitor…

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