Things To Forget If You’re Not Satisfied With Your Life – Part Two

Fixed mindset

A fixed mindset is a state of mind when you think that your skills and abilities are really enough and that there is no need to grow. In your job, you will find it hard to get promotion or move forward. You will convince yourself that you are not very good with people. This fixed mindset will get you nowhere. It’s always better to have the growth mindset. It means that you know that you can get ahead if you work at it. Think of your skills and abilities as a delicate plants in need of careful maintenance. They can only grow.

Immediate results

A great source of dissatisfaction is when you fail to get the results you want within a certain time frame. Our society is fixated with results. This hinders progress and leads to demoralization. A much better way is to focus on the baby steps you have to take to meet your goals. Crossing off each one as you start getting there is empowering.


You know how you become obsessed with negative thoughts. It seems almost the default position for the human brain. Studies now show that this negative self-talk can put your mental and physical health at risk. You are the one who always blames yourself 100% when you screw up and you always imagine the worst case scenario. Inevitably, this leads to low self-esteem. Try to put a positive spin on these thoughts and look at them from a humorous angle.

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