3 self-improvement tips that make you a lot more effective

Our effectiveness is one of the most worrying issues for the psychologists. They study the way people organize their working day; learn the reasons why some people are much more effective than others, etc. Here are some basic tips for a person, who wants to increase one’s productivity and effectivity.

1.Take a break.

It may sound weird, saying that you should take a break in order to do more. But it’s the reality. If you make a 5-minutes break each hour, you will be able to have a productive 8-hours day. In fact, if you don’t take a break, you will be able to work for no more than 3 to 4 hours.

So, remember the breaks and their importance to your business.

2.Focus on today, not tomorrow

Many people set their goals for months or years. It may be great for you because you understand what you are going to do in the future clearly. But there is also an opposite side of this approach.

You don’t enjoy your life ‘here and now’. And it’s really bad. Dreaming is good, but it may distract you from today, from this day’s enjoyment and fun. So, focus on ‘here and now’, but still remember your dreams and ideas for the future.

3.Organization = effectivity

This advice is obvious, but it isn’t used by the majority of people. The lack of organization leads to procrastination. As a result, procrastination doesn’t let you do more than you did. It blocks your effectivity and productivity, replacing it with some time-wasting habits.


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