Life lessons in 1 minute that change your life

Imagine a special life lesson that would be lasting for one minute only. But this lesson should be effective enough to change the rest of your life. How do you think, is it possible? Can anyone develop such a lesson, that would help people to live better in the future?

The kind of the same question was recently opened on Quora. It asked about the 1-minute lessons that could help us in everyday life in the future. A guy suggested this simple solution.

‘Use your opposite hand for doing everything’

The lesson sounds weird, right? How can change my hand change my whole life? Well, the scientists say that we use one hand due to the number of neural connections in our brain. It means that learning to do your daily tasks with another hand leads to growing more neural connections and to the improvement of your memory, growing your mind and bringing the new experience in your life.

The lesson itself is simple. Just start with brushing your teeth, using the opposite hand. After this you’ll have to start washing dishes, using fork and spoon or even manipulating the PC mouse with the opposite hand. You’ll notice, how unusual and amazing this feeling is. It’s also a useful method.

On average, it takes 2-3 months for an ordinary person to learn how to work with her opposite hand. But the scientists say that these 2 or 3 months may give you an amazing experience.

Try it and comment this article, whether you liked this life lesson or not. Or even suggest your own 1-minute lesson improve us.

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