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Motivating Yourself From The Inside

Life has a way of loading burdens and difficulties when we least expect it. In as much as one tries to soldier on and make the most of the situation, there is no denying that things get more complicated as we grow older. While taking cues from motivational gurus and self – help programs can give short term results, in the end one needs to develop a sustained system by which they can regulate on their own. The best way to do this is to be your own motivator and drive yourself in the desired direction.

The first step is to take some time to rediscover what it is that you are interested in. This will help you to find out what it is you like about what you do. As difficult or tedious as it may sound one way to determine this is to look back at the times that you have had the most fun. Which activities do you particularly like doing that leave you satisfied and fulfilled. By indentifying the key areas that you love it will lead you towards a path of energetic focus and concentration.

Upon discovering what you like and how you like to spend your time the next thing is to start on a self – improvement trail. It may be a good idea to make a rundown of the achievements and milestones that you have succeeded in over the years. This will help you to cultivate a sense of confidence and yearning for the future. To perpetuate this newfound elevated feeling one then needs to take pride in the work that one does and be happy at the prospect of a day’s work.
Not all the tweaks have to do with your personality however.

Another consideration that can have a substantial effect on how you operate is your social circle. People who are pessimistic and generally dreary are not the best company to keep if you are looking to improve your outlook on life. On the other hand, if you hang around friends and family members who are positive and likeminded it will be relatively easy to maintain the momentum. They will be a positive persuasion on your character and outlook making you happy and optimistic on the whole.

Towards A Better You: Building Self Esteem

How we go through life, what we achieve and our ultimate success hinges on numerous factors, chief among them, a healthy self esteem. The way individuals view and think about themselves is critical to what they do and how they feel as they do it. It is an unfortunate fact of life that for one reason or the other, numerous people suffer from a low self esteem for one reason or the other. If you don’t think highly of yourself, it is quite unlikely that other people will. As such, social and professional mobility is quite dependent on one’s self esteem. Gladly, there are some simple habits that can be adopted to start fostering a higher and healthier self esteem.

The first step towards gaining a high self esteem is to avoid paying heed to the inner voice that usually doubts and criticize you. Our upbringing can be affected by abuse, ill – talk and other type of scorn. This may lead an individual to doubt oneself. It is usually a cry for help, either because of an inherent fear of failure or to try to fit in with the different people in their lives. This unfortunately will have the negative effect of pulling your self – esteem down.

Another positive action to take is to constantly remind oneself of the different achievements, successes and benefits that have come your way. Better still, one may consider writing these down such that the concept because concrete and relatable. The more you add things to your list, the more you impress upon your consciousness that you are a capable and strong – willed individual who is capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to.

Try to also keep your emphasis on doing activities that you enjoy. When you are forced by circumstances to persist in doing something that you are not happy about, it is possible to feel like you are not in control. This loss of freedom and lacking in initiative can lead to demoralization and a general sense of self loathing. By focusing on the things you like doing, you allow yourself to grow and explore different aspects of your aptitudes, enriching both the lifestyle and sense of being.

Apps To Create An Efficient You

imageProductivity, efficiency, time management … these are all terms that are thrown around in diverse areas of life from management to sport. Getting the most out of one’s efforts is an endless pursuit that has spurred many a revolution in areas such as technology, agriculture and the arts. It is thus no wonder that in the current digital age, there are a number of technological implements and software on offer, that look to assist the average individual in achieving optimum performance. In this regard, the mobile industry has not been left out of the fray. Though there is an abundance of apps that claim to make one more productive, one can generally categorize them into the following groups.

The first set of apps that you need to include in your arsenal is note – taking . Generally you need an app that will allow you to take down notes as may be required and also organize them in a logical way that is understandable to you. Although not as robust as a fully – fledged word processor, your app will have the capability to format and arrange your ideas seamlessly.

Another indispensible category of apps that work to make life easier is a to – do list or task manager. As you juggle the various activities throughout the day, you need to have a supporting application. Preferably, one can opt for an app that has the capability of setting reminders, event notifications and to – do lists. An added advantage comes in when the app can transfer or synchronize data across a range of devices. This way you are always connected and never run the risk of missing out on a particular meeting or task.

A calendar app comes in next on the list of productivity software. As well-organized as one may be, it counts for very little if one has no rational system of incorporating the different activities into the day. As such, by employing a good calendar app you will be able to put together a winning combination of time and effort. This will enable you to get the most out of your hard work, and the day.

A healthy mix of the features mentioned above makes for a good start to a productive workflow. There are many options, both free and premium, but as long as they have the above features you should be covered.

Building An Efficient Routine At Home

imageWith the advent of the internet, more and more people are opting to work at home. This option affords one the pleasure of spending more time with family and being around cosy and familiar settings. The thought of avoiding dreadful daily commutes and ever increasing gas prices, has led many to make the decision to move their workplace to the home. The shift however has its potential pitfalls and downsides. One of the major challenges for employees making the change is the huge problem of being productive, working in the home.

The first thing you need to consider is getting the appropriate equipment that will get the job done in the most proficient manner. Regardless of the area or niche one works in, there are some general considerations to make. The basic requirements are a fully functional computer, a working table, ergonomic chair, telephone and a stable link to the internet. These basics will ensure that you get the most from your time and furnishes you with almost all the resources and infrastructure you’d have in the workplace.

With everything in place, the next step is to get your work day planned out. It is usually a great idea to prepare for the working day, the night before. If there are specific files that you may need to work on, putting these on a USB drive or specific folder to avoid sifting through different folders and locations when you actually need them is a wise move. Reminders and to do list that have specific objectives and timelines as the day progresses will also help keep you on track and deliver on goals that you need to achieve.

The other consideration to keep in mind rests on the atmosphere and ambiance that is prevalent in the workplace. While it may seem like the dream, carrying on your work day in pyjamas or casual clothing can actually be counterproductive. On the other hand, wearing the same clothing as one would to work, helps to keep one’s psyche in check. When you dress appropriately the chances are you will feel better prepared to tackle what would be normal daily office tasks.

With many individuals and corporations seeing the merits of working at home, these handy hints can be very helpful in increasing productivity and getting more done, in a homely environment.

Bring The 24 Back In Your Day

working-1219889_640It is often said that all men are equal in the sense that we all have 24 hours granted to us each day. Unfortunately, getting the most out of one’s full day is not a given. There are numerous gurus, methods and lifestyle approaches implemented by people to try and become more productive. From meditation to mantra chanting, the list can be enormous, sometimes with minimal results. There are however a few tips to get one set and ready to conquer the day.

As a first, it is of great significance to connect with the inner self. At the beginning of each day, take some time out to reflect, meditate or have quiet time. Find yourself a convenient location where you can sit in silence, focus on your breath and take note of the thoughts, dreams and inner feelings coming from your mind. As you get in tune with your body and psyche, be present and conscious of what your mind is telling you. By envisioning your goals and dreams, you are able to channel your efforts towards this during the day and use your time most effectively.

A less spiritual, yet equally important activity is to engage in some exercise. It does not have to be too strenuous but make sure you stretch and have some cardiovascular movements. This is a great way to regulate breathing and improve circulation. By establishing a routine of this nature, you will start to see results in which you will be more alert and aware as the day progresses. There is nothing more wasteful than feeling sleepy and drowsy will trying to get some work done.

There is also a more abstract approach that has been proven to help regardless of spirituality or religious affiliation. It is important to keep positive by maintaining creative and constructive thoughts while simultaneously getting rid of negative and destructive emotions. If the mind is an engine, then the thought process provides the fuel by which it can operate. Regardless of how much effort and energy one may put into an activity, if you feel downcast about it, there is little chance of success. If you are fortunate to actually achieve anything, it won’t be to the extent that it would have been, had it been done from a positive outlook.