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Truths About Body Language

Thanks to TV shows like Lie to Me and so-called body language experts commenting on the candidates during the American election season, a number of misunderstandings about body language have become part of modern culture. It’s time to clear the decks.

1. The face is a poor place to start reading body language

By the time most of us are adult, we’ve learned to mask our true feelings – at least as they show up in our face – because we have to get along at work, at home and in social settings. So we pretend to be interested, smile, we assume a bland expression when we’re actually peeved and so on.

2. But the face does sometimes give away our strongest feelings

You can learn to read what are called micro-expressions – sudden leakages of true emotion through the mask of the face – with some training. These micro-expressions are fleeting – less than a second in duration – and it takes work to learn how to spot them. And they typically only show up when we’re trying to hide a very strong feeling that is at odds with what we’re admitting to.

3. Body language signals intent, not specific meaning

What body language does convey, with pretty good accuracy, is our emotional intent. In fact, brain research shows that whatever we’re feeling first shows up in our body, and only later (nanoseconds later) in our conscious minds. So, if we’re hungry, or impatient, or angry, or happy, our bodies know first and they will pretty reliably signal those feelings.

4. To read body language accurately, don’t think about it

As humans, we’re hard-wired to read other people’s emotions and intents. We have mirror neurons in our brains that fire when our unconscious minds register an emotion in someone else. We mirror that other person’s emotion so that we can share it and understand it. This expertise developed on an evolutionary time scale and is an important part of our ability to survive as a species.

How To Build A Strong Character

During their whole lives, people strive to build strong characters. But somehow, everybody finds the task to be rather hard. The only difficulty here lies in the innate resistance to the very circumstances that would lead us to grow. You may ask why a strong character is important. Well, the answer is simple – a strong character can help you to handle everyday problems more easily and it can also help you make big decisions without much hesitation.

Here are ten examples of actions that can will help you build stronger character:

• If you find yourself in a situation where everyone is reacting with cruelty, try to be gentle.
• When around an anxious or sad person, you should speak with peace and be very calm.
• Practice patience even when everyone around you is in a hurry.
• Act with self-control when dealing with people who are out of control.
• Self-discipline is the key for everything, so try to practice it even when it seems very hard.
• Encourage the discouraged ones.
• Give generously to those who have nothing to give, don’t be selfish.
• When others tend to express mistrust or lack of commitment, try to act with faith and diligence.
• Be courteous even when others are not.
• And last, but not least – express gratitude for every single experience in your life, no matter how good or bad it is.

Some Top Career Improvement Tips

In some countries like India, Bangladesh there is much unemployment. People are struggling hard for a source to get employed but there is very less percentage of people who are able to achieve their goals. It is very important to think about your dream and the focus for your own life and career. As a whole you need to think about it. You cannot make any difference between your personal and professional life. We have only one life and we should need to focus on our goals and ambitions. These things must change our life style and that’s perfect for us. But without any goals you cannot achieve anything in the life. After achieving that type he only needs to compete with others only for their promotions, wealth, fame and name.

One chooses his/her field in which he/she is interested after that starts getting acknowledgement about what to do and what not to do ,and for that one has to sober enough to chose every single step with a keen decision that is it right to do so or not, this thing only comes with experience.

Everything you do, behind it there should be a determination and determination comes with hope as thoughts have no parameters same like that you are free to think what you want to do but think twice before leap as you sow shell you reap so you have to perfect so no one can deny your thinking therefore you should be determined what you are thinking.

Self confidence should be basic organ of personality as you will commit mistake in your career but you have to be confident enough to stand up after committing that mistaken matter what you do keep on trying to excel in every mean of your career and one day you will reach at the top most Clift of no matter what you are doing as you are always willing to do that but nothing can be done if you are not willing to do so because we can only teach a person but can’t make him as everything relies in one’s own hand.

People who are the most successful and satisfied in their life decide what they should do in their life and want from their work. Career is so much important so the employee should focus on what is important to his/her fulfillment in their success.



How To Improve Your Memory

It is common belief that people have limited memory capacity. You’d be surprised to hear that the hippocampus (our memory center) is able to grow new cells and that it also regenerates throughout its entire lifetime. You can improve your memory by simply following these simple lifestyle-based tricks.

Eat right

It is said that we are what we eat. Food also plays a crucial role in memory improvement. Eating curry, celery, broccoli and walnuts will benefit your memory. This type of food contains antioxidants that protect brain health and stimulate production of new brain cells. Also, increasing coconut oil and omega-3 fat intake can be very beneficial.

Stop multitasking

If you’re trying to do five things at once, it’s very likely that you won’t do them all properly. So, instead of trying to multitask, try the opposite – mindfulness. Concentrate only on one thing and after you’re done with it, go for another one. This will actually increase your productivity. Studies have shown that students who practice mindfulness have better results on tests than those who’re trying to multitask.

Take a nap

Just as food, sleep is also very important for our overall health. If we don’t get enough sleep, our body (and brain) won’t function well. You’ll have trouble memorizing something after only four hours of sleep, for example. So, a good and long sleep is the recipe for good memory.

Tips to save money for your event

For organizing of an event a lot of money is required. Depending on the scale of an event, small event required low cost while big event organization required higher cost. In the article we are describing saving of money for the purpose of organizing an event at its best level. We never know where we might able to save money for an event. These tips are the creative way to overcome the cost of the event, and these tips will help to minimize the cost of the event:

  • Collect the data for event that why, how and where the event is is to be organized and what sort of arrangement you have to make according to your event.
  • To choose the right venue you should consider for the couple option, from the provided proposal venue choose the right one and you should also have the art of negotiating.
  • Look for the sponsors that can help you with the expenses of your event, most of the sponsors help in event and willing to spend money for the event and in exchange promote or advertise the sponsors company.
  • Promote your event with social media marketing that is a form of promotion cuts down your advertising expense with social media more people will aware of the event compare with traditional method.
  • Promote your event with the help of online free social media like facebook etc create a facebook page of the event and inform the event attendees to visit the page that have the right tools that they need for the event.
  • Uses head count to determine the number of attendees of the event expecting to come on the base of the head count spend as budget for the food and space.