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How to work easier?

Everyone knows this feeling when you are given a huge amount of work, that needs to be completed in a short period of time. From the very beginning, just after the receiving of this task, you feel week and frustrated. You have no idea on how you start finishing this task and you definitely don’t know, whether you complete it or not… How to stay focused on work and organize yourself immediately?

You know, the described above problem is pretty common for many people. The whole organization makes special researches, in order to know – how to increase the effectivity of their workers and to achieve higher results. However, the psychologists claim that everything is much simpler.

People are afraid of heavy and complicated things. We are afraid of the ton of work, that needs to be done. As well, as we feel powerless, when we face the wall of tasks. That means, that we should split some tasks, make them smaller and easier, increase the probability of their completion.

This is pretty simple technique. Use milestones, different checkpoints and split the whole task. Divide it, in order to get more small parts, which will be much easier-to-finish. And you’ll see, that your work goes easier.

This strategy is perfect either for one person or for a team. Using milestones either makes your current task more achievable or allows you to award yourself for everything you’ve already completed. This results in the higher productivity of yours.

Organizing your workspace is a key to successful work

How well is your workspace organized? Which objects are lying on your table? What is hanging on the wall behind your screen? What do you look at each morning, when you enter your office (or your room, if you are working from home)? All of these questions are aimed on describing the level of your workspace organization. In this article we’d like to discuss it more, to discover, how to make your environment more productive and convenient to work in. So, let’s talk about the process of organizing.

First of all, we should say, that organization must be started with the analysis. Think well about the objects you work with. Remind everything, that you need during your work time. Also think well about the objects you interact most of all. Now write them down and try to set the place for each of them.

If you can’t change something (like, the location of your table or your bed or something) – you should work with even ‘more local’ level, like the objects, lying on your working table. Your notebook, laptop, your glasses, pens and mobile phone – everything must have its definite place. Even if you like mess and chaotic placing, you should put them into the order when you finish.

A proper workspace organization is much more important, than we thought. It brings you some new ideas, makes you feel more confident and concentrated, delivers the better results during your worktime. So, we’d like to advise you to think more about it. Maybe your current workspace isn’t good enough, and you can change it easily?

Defining goals is a way to achieve them

Do you know, what are the goals you would like to achieve? Do you really know, how they look like and what are the ways you can reach them? If yes, we can congratulate you, because most of the people don’t really know, what they want. As a result, they, obviously, don’t achieve any goals, because they haven’t even set them.

It’s worth saying, that any goal is a finishing point of any trip you have. In order to get closer to the aims you set, you should follow the path. Knowing its direction is a key to success in any field, because it’s the only path, that can lead you anywhere you want.

Psychologists claim, that your goals must be defined. You should definitely know, whether you have already achieved them, or not. They must be binary – with the only “Yes” or “No” options to answer for the question, if you have reached them. So, no “Maybe” or “Probably”.

Another tip for setting your goals is details. Many of those, who have some aims, don’t see the details – they think about the general picture, without its elements. So, when you set any aim in any field, you should think about the details, which will be something like ‘bricks’ on your way to success.

And, of course, your goals must be fixed. Fixation is the only way to confirm what you want and to remind to yourself, what is your aim and which path you follow. So, write your goals, look through them regularly and do your best to achieve them as soon, as it’s possible.

Don’t ignore the criticism

Everyone loves being praised. We know, that when our teacher/parents/friends/customers tell something good about us, we feel good. We feel the whole bunch of positive emotions, which are something like drugs. They cause addiction – that’s why many famous people think of their success a little bit different things than we, the ordinary people, do.

Consequently, people, who hear the criticism, have opposite feelings – they may feel anger, they start arguing and conflicting with a person, who criticised them. That’s the natural reaction, which is a bad habit of yours. Actually, the criticism is much more useful, than the good words. Here is why.

Anyone, who hears 10/20/50/100/more good reviews about his company or his services becomes proud of his work. He also becomes more relaxed, which definitely causes the lowering of the level of quality of the whole results as well.

Criticism, on the other hand, can show you your weak places. It can highlight the spots in your business, which you have to work with. It is a plan for improving the quality of your product, your services and so on. That’s why those, who criticise you, are actually your friends. And those, who flatter – are not.

Many people don’t like being criticised. They feel ourselves much worse, if someone says, that their product’s quality is not good enough. Here is why we ask you not to ignore this opinion.

A person, who points you some disadvantages, is not trying to offend you. In most cases, such people show you the real problems. Fixing them can bring you great results for your company and your business in general.