Monthly Archives: June 2016

Using different ToDo-lists for your schedule is great

Everyone knows the way simple ToDo’s work. You get a list of Do’s you are going to do (it can also be a simple phone app if you prefer digital schedule) then you move from one task to another, deleting some ‘done’ things in the process. It’s a pretty useful tool if you are going to complete some task, whether it is a work project, a study research, a business plan or anything else.

However, there are people, who live their life with the help of ToDo’s all the time! They put all of their regular tasks in a list, including some personal meetings, time spent with the family and so on. Do you agree with me that such an approach is a little bit… weird? How can you gain any progress, if you are just moving from the one tip of your list to another, whether it’s some working task or a leisure time spending? You can’t keep it in one common list. That’s why it’s better for everyone to run different ones.

Some researches claim, that it’s better for a person to get the ToDo’s of different ‘levels’. It works simple: you create your task list either for the next day, or for a month and for a year. Consequently, all of these lists contain different kinds of tasks, which need to be done by you.

Same practice is applicable to the different spheres of our life. For example, you can run the list for the places you’d like to visit with your sweetheart or the games you’d like to play with your children!