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Live For Today

While most people worry about what the future holds for them and the changes they will need to make, you can cut a lot of stress out of your life by making simple changes today that will affect you positively now and then. Here are a few simple tips to help you live a better life today.

Daily Goals

Many people make goals, but sometimes life sidetracks you and you forget about these goals. Making easy daily goals that bring you closer to your main goal is easier to accomplish.

Avoid Distractions

With so much going on in our daily lives, it’s easy to get distracted. Identify what it is that keeps you from reaching your potential and get it out of your life.

Stay Physical Active

Exercise is not only good for your physical health but your mental health as well. A game of basketball or even a walk in the park is a great way to relieve some stress and get out from the grind of the day.

Focus On Today

So many people stress out about things that have yet to come that they can’t even enjoy today. The future can always change so it is important that you focus on today and the things that you can change

Life lessons in 1 minute that change your life

Imagine a special life lesson that would be lasting for one minute only. But this lesson should be effective enough to change the rest of your life. How do you think, is it possible? Can anyone develop such a lesson, that would help people to live better in the future?

The kind of the same question was recently opened on Quora. It asked about the 1-minute lessons that could help us in everyday life in the future. A guy suggested this simple solution.

‘Use your opposite hand for doing everything’

The lesson sounds weird, right? How can change my hand change my whole life? Well, the scientists say that we use one hand due to the number of neural connections in our brain. It means that learning to do your daily tasks with another hand leads to growing more neural connections and to the improvement of your memory, growing your mind and bringing the new experience in your life.

The lesson itself is simple. Just start with brushing your teeth, using the opposite hand. After this you’ll have to start washing dishes, using fork and spoon or even manipulating the PC mouse with the opposite hand. You’ll notice, how unusual and amazing this feeling is. It’s also a useful method.

On average, it takes 2-3 months for an ordinary person to learn how to work with her opposite hand. But the scientists say that these 2 or 3 months may give you an amazing experience.

Try it and comment this article, whether you liked this life lesson or not. Or even suggest your own 1-minute lesson improve us.

Top hobbies to make you smarter

We used to consider hobbies as the pleasant ways to spend our free time. However, they are more than just that. Hobbies may teach us, they may bring us to the higher levels of our development. Here is a list of hobbies that can make you smarter.

1.Playing musical instruments

Music has always been one of the most demanded hobbies for all the mankind history. People used music as a way to express themselves, to show their personality, to improve creativity, motor skills, etc. Playing musical instruments strengthen some parts of your brain, making a positive influence on your whole nerves system.

Besides, music is a great joy when you have a free time.


This hobby both influences your mind and makes your body stronger. The scientists have proven that doing exercising on a daily basis is necessary for our memory too.

You can do either yoga, or jogging, or anything else. The key point is a regularity.

3.Learning new language

For sure, learning a language means opening a whole new world for yourself. It’s hard, but still possible. It develops your brain, enhances your memory and brings you the real results: in several months you’ll be able to get knowledge from another culture!


No doubt, one of the best ways to learn anything. You can read books, magazines, articles or whatever. The main thing is that you are interested in the subject you are reading about.

Start working smarter instead of harder

There are 2 ways to increase the productivity of any person, no matter what she is doing. The first one is making her work harder. If you are a web-designer and you create one WP template in a day, you should simply start creating more – 2 or 3 templates in a day. That’s the simplest way to increase your productivity.

Another way is working smarter, not harder. That is the much more effective solution, though it’s still hard to be found. It means not working more, but working more rationally and smarter.

For example, for creating more WP templates, you should hire some young web-designer. He would help you with your work, allowing you to earn more from your templates. As a result, you could probably delegate your task for growing your business.

Of course, that’s just an example – in reality working smarter is difficult. You should remember several simple facts.

There is an 80/20 principle

80% of success is the result of only 20% of our efforts.

Multitasking is impossible

Multitasking is a myth. People can’t be doing several tasks at the same time; they just switch between them. As a result, their attention is being used not effectively.

The most difficult tasks first

It’s a well-known fact that the most difficult job should be done first. In this case completing your other tasks would become easier.

Deadlines should be set

A deadline is an effective tool for controlling your workflow. It allows controlling your efforts and monitor your results, whether you have enough time for completing the task, or not.

Accelerating your personal growth is simple

People, interested in self-improvement and personal growth, are always searching for more ways to become better. They are seeking for learning new skills, getting more knowledge, meeting new people. In this article, we’d like to give some more practical advice that allows everyone speed up their personal growth.

1.Doing what your peers do not

This advice should be used for you both in your personal life and in your career. Becoming better than others may often doing something more than the others. Expanding your range of responsibilities, taking more risks and doing more than your colleagues leads to growing yourself as a person and as a professional.

2.Contacting the best people in your field

Many people don’t like talking to or working with those, who are better, smarter and more experienced. They simply don’t like showing their incompetency and lack of knowledge.

But it’s a common mistake.

Communicating with those, who are better than you in something, allows getting their experience, learning what they know and coming to their level. That’s why it’s the only way for effective personal growth.

3.Working for perspective, not for money

Everyone has a choice in his own field, whether to have a highly-paid or a perspective job. For growing yourself you should pick the second one. It will charge you with more skills and knowledge so that you’ll get money in the future as well.

Growing yourself is the only way you can become successful in the future. So, use it!